Locket - All Out (2019)

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Release - Ocotber 25th, 2019

Genre - Post-Hardcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Out of Sight (03:44)
2. Sleepwalker (04:06)
3. Hunnie (03:35)
4. Lighten Up (04:10)
5. First Blush (03:07)
6. Other People (03:55)
7. Sunshower (03:23)
8. Disappear (04:09)
9. All Out (03:24)
10. Even If It Kills Me (04:05)





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This band was formally known as Safe To Say, they changed the name, then put out this album. 

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embedded song reminds me of deja entendu,  definitely raised expectations

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Embedded sounds almost too good. Looking forward to this.

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This some tier pop-punk/alt.rock/post-hardcore shit, knew they had it in them to create something wonderful when I heard some of these singles, and for the most part they delivered. Songwriting is much more interesting than a lot of similar sounding popular bands.

let me in.



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