Weeping Icon - Weeping Icon (2019)

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Release - September 27th, 2019
Genre - Art Punk, Noise Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. (Drag Me Out) (0:33)
02. Ankles (3:34)
03. (You Should Listen To Me) (0:35)
04. Be Anti (3:30)
05. (Safe Space) (0:13)
06. Ripe for Consumption (3:41)
07. (In the News) (1:36)
08. Natural Selection (4:26)
09. (Suits) (0:30)
10. Power Trip (4:06)
11. (The Way It Is) (1:05)
12. Like Envy (4:14)
13. (Perfect the Art) (1:49)
14. Control (6:10)





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This is why I visit places like KL: to find stuff I really don't think I'd have found otherwise. The songs and vids I found on YouTube were enoyable and jarring at the same time. Definite download, would buy. 

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