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indigo la End - 濡れゆく私小説 (2019)

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Release - October 9, 2019
Genre - J-Pop, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Post-Rock, Shoegaze
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. 花傘 (4:40)
02. 心の実 (4:02)
03. はにかんでしまった夏 (3:52)
04. 小粋なバイバイ (3:41)
05. 通り恋 (3:55)
06. ほころびごっこ (4:50)
07. ラッパーの涙 (3:38)
08. 砂に紛れて (3:58)
09. 秋雨の降り方がいじらしい (4:01)
10. Midnight indigo love story (2:24)
11. 結び様 (4:28)





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lets gooooooooo

i am a pure juicer kingdom leaks user

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5 hours ago, Cosmic Reaper said:

Need more genres  :D

I wasn't sure lmao

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