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Leprous - Distant Bells (Single) (2019)

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Release - October 11th, 2019

Genre - Progressive Metal

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Distant Bells





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Wished the whole song was like the last 1.5 minutes.


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You know what? So many people say they suck now cause they went softer but by this point, i love this band so much that i'll listen to anything they release and still enjoy it. Yes, this might be different from what they established themselves as, but their new sound is more intimate. Loved all the singles so far and i'm damn hyped about the album, even if it's gonna be a full album with only Eurovision songs

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It's kinda just... boring. Nothing happens throughout the song. Even if they don't wanna be a metal band anymore, their instrumentation is extremely minimal even compared to Malina. I still love Einar's voice, but I can't help but think they can do so much better than this. 


The last like couple minutes of the song was better but still wasn't really much of note until around the 5:50 mark.

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