Toothgrinder - I AM (2019)

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Release - October 11th, 2019

Genre - Progressive Metal

Quality -  MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



1. The Silence of a Sleeping WASP (03:23)
2. Ohmymy (03:20)
3. My Favorite Hurt (04:03)
4. No Tribe (04:43)
5. no surrender in the House of Leaves (03:47)
6. shiVer (02:53)
7. The New Punk Rock (02:54)
8. too soft for the scene, TOO MEAN FOR the GREEN (03:27)
9. Can Ü Live Today? (03:03)
10. The Fire of June (04:44)
11. I Am (03:26)





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FLAC added!

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I loved their first release. This seems a bit rushed to release. But I dig it enough to throw it in the mix 

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Toothgrinder - I AM Review:

The Silence of a sleeping WASP - 4/5
ohmymy - 5/5
My favorite hurt - 5/5
no tribe - 4/5
no surrender in the house of leaves - 4/5
shiver - 4.5/5
the new punk rock - 4/5
too soft for the scene, too mean for the green - 4/5
can u live today? - 4/5
the fire of june - 4.5/5
I am - 4/5


Imma say it was a nice listen through but the older stuff was better for sure. Even Phantom Amour i thought was better. But it was a nice listen tho.

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I've been a fan of Toothgrinder since Nocturnal Masquerade and I really enjoyed Phantom Amour even though it was a major departure from their previous sound, so after sitting with this album for a month this is another great album and really showcases how talented these guys are.


It's continuing with what they were doing on Phantom Amour but taking it to new places with some sprinkles of their older sound. Now while this is a really good album I don't think they've quite found the balance between their new sound and their old sound just yet I have a feeling if they keep going like this though they'll have the perfect balance come album number 4. Overall it's a 8/10 not a perfect album but still a damn good one.


Favorite Tracks: The Silence of a Sleeping WASP, My Favorite Hurt, no surrender in The House Of Leaves, The New Punk Rock, too soft for the scene TOO MEAN FOR THE GREEN and I AM



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