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Grayscale Season - Everything Hurts (2019)

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Release - September 16, 2019
Genre - Nu Metalcore, Hardcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Kobayashi Maru (3:42)
02. Glitter (3:35)
03. Busy Signals Sing the Woes (3:14)
04. Joy (4:35)
05. Happy (4:03)
06. Wash (4:11)
07. Glitch (3:44)
08. Down the Rabbit Hole (3:20)
09. The Noble Rot (3:24)
10. Social Star (2:31)
11. Hillary's Step (3:44)
12. Fake Noose (3:45)
13. Invite Me In (5:30)
14. Ritalin Twins (5:20)





Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp



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Fuck yeah. Can't wait to check this out. Loved that little sampler EP. Thanks. 

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This is gonna rule! Can't wait to check it out. The singles were monstrous.

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The breakdown in Social Star was so heavy I actually started laughing

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