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Korn - Discography (1993-2019)

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Genre - Nu Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal

Country - United States

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (unless otherwise stated)


Release List:

Studio Albums

(1994) Korn

(1996) Life Is Peachy

(1998) Follow the Leader (Special Edition)

(1999) Issues (Limited Edition)

(2002) Untouchables (Japanese Edition)

(2003) Take a Look in the Mirror (Special Edition)

(2005) See You on the Other Side (Japanese Edition)

(2007) Untitled (Limited Edition)

(2010) Korn III: Remember Who You Are (Special Edition)

(2011) The Path of Totality (Special Edition)

(2013) The Paradigm Shift (2CD World Tour Edition)

(2016) The Serenity of Suffering (Japanese Edition)

(2019) The Nothing



(1993) Neidermeyers Mind (EP)

(1999) All Mixed Up

(2006) Politics Remixes: Election Day EP

(2009) Digital EP #1 [160/192 kbps]

(2010) Digital EP #2 [160/192 kbps]

(2010) Digital EP #3 [160/192 kbps]

(2012) Narcissistic Cannibal (The Remixes)


Compilations/Live Albums

(2007) MTV Unplugged (Japanese Edition)

(2006) Live & Rare (Japanese Edition)

(2006) Chopped, Screwed, Live & Unglued

(2012) Live at the Hollywood Palladium





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Other Releases by

I been a fan since the beginning. Feels great to have this. NOSTALGIA!!!

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Now I can finally fix my discography playlist on Spotify with high quality versions of the bonus songs. Thanks so much!

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Its on!!

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Cheers for this! I was missing an ep, a live album plus some songs from Japanese and Special Editions so now my discography is finally complete.

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Woah, you guys actually did it! Yes!!! Thank you. <3

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There's a bunch of official remix projects that aren't in this download for all of the completionists out there:

 Word Up (The Remixes)

A.D.I.D.A.S. (Remix EP)

Here To Stay (Remix EP)

All In The Family (Remix EP)

Freak on a Leash (Remix EP)

Thoughtless (Remixes)

Good God (Remix EP)

Shoots & Ladders (Remix EP)

Make Me Bad (Remix EP)

Falling Away From Me (Remix EP)

Got The Life (Remix EP)


All of which you can buy here:

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Any chance someone can be a hero and upload the track 'So Unfair'? I can't find one place to download it and it's killing my inner completionist haha.

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what's wrong with the follow the leader download? has 25 tracks and 12 of them are silence for 5 seconds.

Just had to delete the extra tracks and edit the correct track # in properties.

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