Sleep On It - Pride & Disaster (2019)

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Release - September 13, 2019
Genre - Pop Punk, Alternative Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Racing Towards a Red Light (2:58)
02. Hold Your Breath (3:05)
03. Babe Ruth (3:41)
04. Under the Moment (3:18)
05. Fix the Dark (3:11)
06. After Tonight (2:47)
07. Take Me Back (3:05)
08. The Cycle of Always Leaving (3:10)
09. Logan Square (2:57)
10. Lost & Found (4:07)





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#2 of 2019 • FOALS // EVERYTHING NOT SAVED WILL BE LOST, PART 1 • Indie Rock, Math Rock

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Good album. Very similar sound to Overexposed. The single was probably the weakest song of the album so yeah, if you liked Overexposed, give this one a listen.

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Solid album. Agreed on how it's pretty on par with Overexposed sound wise, with progression to one or two tracks on here. But pretty solid from these boys nonetheless. Favorites off it are After Tonight, The Cycle of Always Leaving, Racing Towards a Red Light, and Lost & Found. 

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Thanks for uploading this. 


I love this band and had the album down as an album of the year candidate, just need to get home to listen now!

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Thanks! I'm so glad I got to hear this one in full early!

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This is a great album for the pop punk lover


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