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3776 - 歳時記 (2019)

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Release - August 28, 2019
Genre - Progressive Pop, Art Pop, J-Pop, Glitch Pop, Synthpop
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. 睦月一拍子へ調 (06:12)
02. 如月二拍子嬰へ調 (05:48)
03. 弥生三拍子ト調 (06:12)
04. 卯月四拍子嬰ト調 (06:00)
05. 皐月五拍子イ調 (06:12)
06. 水無月六拍子嬰イ調 (06:00)
07. 文月七拍子ロ調 (06:12)
08. 葉月八拍子ハ調 (06:12)
09. 長月九拍子嬰ハ調 (06:00)
10. 神無月十拍子二調 (06:12)
11. 霜月十一拍子嬰二調 (06:00)
12. 師走十二拍子ホ調 (06:12)





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14 minutes ago, Drown said:

@NieR:Automata™ Should I be aware who these girls are?

Just one girl, or at least at the time of this release. Her debut was concept album about climbing on Mount Fuji (I think). This one is concept album as well but it's full year portrayed from Mount Fuji's point of view, centered on the idea of passage of time and weather, each track represents a month and even their length is based on their respective month’s number of days. There are also some traditional songs incorporated in the tracks and it basically works as a musical collage. It starts kind of simple and slow but it gets more and more interesting with each song - or in this case, month passing. The only correct way to listen to this album is to listen to it whole - start to finish (as one big song). Highly recommending

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@NieR:Automata™ Interesting... and you're right, they're presented as an idol group with currently only one active member, Ide Chiyono.

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