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Pixies - Beneath the Eyrie (Vinyl Deluxe) (2019)

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Release - September 13, 2019
Genre - Alternative Rock, Power Pop
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



1. In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain (04:12)
2. On Graveyard Hill (03:25)
3. Catfish Kate (03:08)
4. This Is My Fate (03:20)
5. Ready for Love (02:33)
6. Silver Bullet (03:44)
7. Long Rider (03:32)
8. Los Surfers Muertos (02:54)
9. St. Nazaire (02:27)
10. Bird of Prey (02:37)
11. Daniel Boone (04:52)
12. Death Horizon (02:05)


Tracklist (Bonus Demos):

01. The Good Works of Cyrus (02:06)
02. Please Don't Go (02:57)
03. Chapel Hill (01:22)
04. Caught in a Dream (02:55)
05. Mal De Mer (02:32)
06. Hey, Debussy (03:23)
07. Under the Marigold (03:29)
08. How I Learned to Earn Rewards (03:00)
09. I Just Can't Break it to You (03:41)





Facebook / iTunes / Physical



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Cheers, sounds great. Are the left and right channels reversed though? Can only compare to the singles but it definitely seems that way. Not a big issue as it sounds perfect otherwise, just wondering if anyone else noticed.

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FLAC added!

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Just now, bananapajama said:

Does anyone have the 9 bonus tracks?


9 bonus tracks? source on this?

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The vinyl release (which is sold out on their website) includes 2 vinyls. LP1 is the 12 tracks released above. LP2 is 9 bonus tracks. 2 of them are demos for songs on the LP and 7 of them are *brand new songs* from these recording sessions. 

Source: https://pixies.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=46095



LP 2 (Demos)

Side A:

1. The Good Works Of Cyrus
2. Please Don't Go
3. Chapel Hill
4. Caught In A Dream
5. Mal De Mer

Side B:

6. Hey, Debussy
7. Under the Marigold
8. How I Learned to Earn Rewards
9. I Just Can't Break It to You


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I believe the 9 bonus tracks were all demos from before the sessions. And yes, if some kind soul would upload a vinyl rip of the 9 demos somewhere I'm sure us hardcore fans would be super grateful!

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1 minute ago, JohnThomas5 said:

Not sure if this is allowed on here but for those curious about the vinyl only demo tracks: https://www.reddit.com/r/thepixies/comments/d5ntk0/beneath_the_eyrie_bonus_tracks_download_discussion/ 


you're fine. it's very late at the moment but i'll work on getting these posted later today.

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bonus demos added

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yes, from the new FLAC source added

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