Tool - Fear Inoculum (2019)

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On 8/30/2019 at 12:18 AM, Edgekrvzher said:

Aw, so their days of making interludes from stepping on a cat and then slowing it down ("Mantra") are over?

Well they do have a lot of birds in the last one

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On 8/29/2019 at 6:40 PM, Dickface said:


It's honestly a joke that a band who already adds 5+ minutes of unnecessary, boring filler in every song feels the need to have interludes too. 

agree.I need to listen to this more though. 

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Did anyone else just keep the CD rip? Lol the bonus interludes are pretty pointless, I like the album a lot better without them.

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I downloaded the album again with the interludes. Useless or not, I want the complete album... Even though, it has been stated it's a seven track album.


I guess it doesn't matter, rather you're rolling with seven or ten songs. *shrugs*

The purest, non-conformist jaded subhuman terrorist.

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I listened to this album on it's release date & Chocolate Chip Trip sounds like Autechre so it's my favorite

the rest of the tracks have great moments but Culling Voices is great front-to-back

overall, I need to listen again

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This album sounds like the same song being played over and over and over again. After how many years have we waited for this? Expectations were set too high it seems. I'd rank this album last in their catalogue and I've been listening to this band since Aenima was released...

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