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Insomnium - Valediction (Single) (2019)

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Release - August 23rd, 2019

Genre - Melo Death, Death Metal

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Valediction





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Other Releases by

real good. Never heard of them before. 

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Formerly known as


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Been waiting for this so long, and it’s fucking majestic. Insomnium doing what Insomnium does best, yet with a fresh feel to it. Masterpiece, can’t wait for the full album to drop.


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1 hour ago, Smash_Adams said:

real good. Never heard of them before. 

Give these albums a listen. They were real good.


Above The Weeping World (Mortal Share from this album is a fucking magnificent track)

Across The Dark

One For Sorrow


Not a fan of this single or the Winter's Gate album. They went soft.


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@Anton Chigurh 

Check out Ephemeral off of the Shadows of the Dying Sun album. That whole album is outstanding but I always default to that track when recommending Insomnium to people. Also, check out the band Belzebubs. That came out earlier this year and it's really just Insomnium under a different name.


Edit: I was dumb and for some reason replied to your comment. I meant to reply to Smash_Adams.

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Quoted incorrect person.

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5 hours ago, Anton Chigurh said:

@Draxcazel @Corpsegrind3r didn't know this was dropping, thought you'd need to see this too ?

Was aware of it. New album out Oct. 5.


Also they got a new member, Jani Liimateinen (Sonata Arctica/ Cain's Offering) (SA dropping an album in september too I think)

Great year in terms of music releases ahead.


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Bloody Hell.

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