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Somos - Prison on a Hill (2019)

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Release - August 12, 2019

(Official Release - October 11, 2019)
Genre - Emo, Alternative Rock



1. The Granite Face
2. Farewell To Exile
3. Untraceable Past
4. Iron Heel
5. Mediterranean
6. Absent and Lost
7. Ammunition
8. Young Believers
9. Temporary Hope
10. My Way To You
11. New Blood
12. Dreamless





Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp / Physical


|| Their guitarist passed a few days ago, in 1 day they raised enough to cover the family's funeral expenses ||

|| Purchases through their Bandcamp go towards the Heather Heyer Foundation ||

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So happy they were able to get the money for their guitarist's family, quite heartwarming actually. Thanks for the post, op

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shitty circumstances to get this album this soon. 


Proud that I was able to help contribute. 



stellar album. 

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