Norma Jean set to release "ALL HAIL" in October 2019

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Critically acclaimed and influential metalcore band Norma Jean is set to release their 8th studio album under the band's current nameand the follow up to 2016's Polar Similar titled "ALL HAIL" on October 25th, 2019. Check out the tracklist and album art below, and preorder



or [HERE]    



Track List:
1. Orphan Twin
2. [Mind Over Mind]
3. Safety Last
4. Volunteer Tooth Filing
5. Landslide Defeater
6. Full Circle In Under A Minute
7. /with_errors
8. Trace Levels Of Dystopia
9. Translational
10. Extra Dimensional Palette Cleanser
11. If [Loss] Then [Leader]
12. Careen
13. Anna
14. The Mirror And The Second Veil

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About damn time! Polar Similar was so amazing that I'm concerned if they can even top that...  The vinyl variants all look amazing too, especially the Jupiter variant.  

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They can't do wrong, so this will be another great record for sure. New single tomorrow? 

Yo, check out my vocal covers! :)

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Really looking forward to this. Meridional is still my favorite release, absolutely love that album. Probably because it reminds me of The Bled (who I adore).

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