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Blood Orange - Angel's Pulse (2019)

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Release - July 1,2 2019

Genre - Alternative R&B, Indie

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. I Wanna C U

2. Something to Do

3. Dark & Handsome

4. Benzo

5. Birmingham

6. Good for You

7. Baby Florence (Figure)

8. Gold Teeth

9. Berlin

10. Tuesday Feeling (Choose to Stay)

11. Seven Hours Part 1

12. Take It Back

13. Happiness

14, Today





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This man's album cover looks like a meme and I'm dying. The music is good though. Favorite Track: Today

- Chillin Da Villain


Man, I’m off this shit. The receipts. Nigga, it’s just a receipt. Like, niggas is dying.

-Khary Durgans (from Internlude on the album intern aquarium.)

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