Oh, Sleeper - Bloodied / Unbowed (2019)

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2 hours ago, humbleledger said:


I think there is some truth to that. 


I grew up in Dallas, and know two different members through two different friends.  I've been following them since the beginning (I'm 30).  and I STILL consider CoF to be the high water mark in their discog... that's why I ask.



Nice, I mean everyone's going to like different stuff.  I definitely like the concept of SOTM better than Children, and with different concepts there's different lyrics involved.  Not that lyrics are everything but they definitely play a role in an opinion.  Drummer also changed between these two albums which is probably more or less why I didnt feel the same jam factor I did from SOTM.  I applaud the band for putting out 2 concept albums that are both good in their own right and will always consider them a great band whether I dig their new stuff or not.  



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4 hours ago, me420 said:

Thanks for the info dude, just realized I probably stopped liking their stuff after SOTM because their drummer changed.

No problem! I can understand that. Member changes can create skepticism of whats to come with new material. But Zac Mayfield is a solid drummer! He's been with them since post-SOTM material, and the drumming has only gotten better imo.

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