Machine Gun Kelly - Hotel Diablo (2019)

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On 7/4/2019 at 10:36 AM, Colby Lane said:

I mean, it did expose MGK to millions. Hundreds of thousands could've known about him; however, he doesn't really sell records well and doesn't really have the immense fanbase Eminem has. This album should be great, though. Loved the singles. 

Eminem has kind of fallen off since eminem show to me really. I still entertain all of his albums and I like a few songs from each newer album. The newest one was actually pretty damn good in my opinion. I think em has the fanbase he does because of his first 2 records. In the late 90s early 00s when those came out he was in so much shit, all over the news, controversy after controversy, because of them. But he was something new and exciting and he spoke to me and many other people about how we were feeling at the time. If you're gen x then you loved eminem back when he first hit the scene. He has die hard loyal fans because of that. He said what he wanted to and didnt give a damn who he hurt or pissed off or offended along the way and at that time it was exciting as fuck to see it. But mgk is a great musician as well and I can see him getting more popular as things go on. Em may have a bigger fanbase, but they're older. Mgk has the younger more vibrant and vigorous fans. That's just my opinion. I like them both.

Also I fucking loved general admission. Does this album live up to that record?

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@Steveaux69 That's very true. General Admission was pretty dope; however, this album is a huge departure for MGK, imo. Probably his most consistent piece work overall. 

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People will fight about the worst music, fucking hell. what even is the point




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Barely listen to stuff like this. Checked this one out of curiosity and boredom.


Played it like 4 times in 2 days, pretty good.


Okay, you people may continue arguing now.

Bloody Hell.

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