Chat Pile - This Dungeon Earth (2019)

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Release - June 1, 2019
Genre - Noise Rock, Sludge Metal
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR

*Check this one out!*



01. Face (3:27)
02. Rainbow Meat (2:30)
03. Rat Boy (2:46)
04. Crawlspace (4:07)


Total length: 12:50





 iTunes / Bandcamp


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@LKA like all the tags so I'm gonna check this out. Thanks dude!

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This EP is like the soundtrack to a mental breakdown and I fucking like it. Crazy, chaotic, hard hitting stuff. Rat Boy is insane. 

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Damn...This sounds like it came out of NYC in 1993. I was surprised to see they are from Oklahoma. I assume this will be way too "out there" for most of the people on this page. But if you enjoy dirty, grimy noise rock...this is pretty great.

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Whoa! I was not expecting this, heavy as fuck, I love it!

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