Norma Jean - Polar Similar (2016)

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The Almighty Norma Jean does it again! Despite losing their last original member this past year (rhythm guitarist Chris Day), these metalcore greats didn't lose a step, releasing one of their most powerful albums thus far. Each riff is powerful, leaving me unconsciously headbanging during almost every track. We're given room to breathe on a couple interlude tracks, which serve to build on an already crushing atmosphere. This is unforgivingly heavy at times, with stellar production keeping things on the crisp side. Clean vocals are rarely deployed but they are smartly placed, most notably on single Synthetic Sun and incredible closer IV. Nexus. Half these tracks, really, could've been released as singles and served to preview the album and build hype as they're both strong on their own and in the context of the album. I'll say it again: this is a really powerful album, and I would say warrants an 8.75-9/10 and I certainly expect it to make it into the top 20 of my AOTY list.

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