Frank Iero and The Future Violents - Barriers (2019)

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Release - May 31, 2019
Genre - Punk Rock, Alternative
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



1. A New Day's Coming
2. Young and Doomed
3. Fever Dream
4. The Host
5. Basement Eyes
6. Ode to Destruction
7. The Unfortunate
8. Moto Pop
9. Medicine Square Garden
10. No Love
11. Police Police
12. Great Party
13. Six Feet Down Under
14. 24k Lush





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I kept thinking this was Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes for some reason.

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On initial listen, it comes off as church rock almost. The Chorus to "Basement Eyes" could be replaced with something like "god is good all the time" and I wouldn't bat an eye. To me the two tracks that stand out on this album are "No Love". and "Police Police".

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flac is missing?

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13 hours ago, Lord Rorschach said:

FLAC added!

FLAC seems to be gone from the link. Two links for 320kbps and one link for 180kbps is all I see.

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Some of these songs are pretty good. Overall a bit of a  disappointment from Parachutes.

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