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fredo disco - Very Cool Music for Very Cool People (2019)

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Release - April 25, 2019
Genre - Indie Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. this substance has been known to the state of california to cause... (0:56)
02. cancer and birth defects (2:51)
03. prom, post prom, etc (3:24)
04. burnt and worn out (3:33)
05. jimbo (3:56)
06. somebody else (3:23)
07. dad jeans (4:27)
08. point blank (2:54)
09. greens (3:07)
10. wooden spoon (4:50)
11. the feelings you will feel the summer before going to college (2:50)
12. space date (3:27)


Total length: 39:38





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Been looking for this! Thank you!

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at last, an album that speaks to me 

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