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The Amity Affliction - This Could Be Heartbreak (2016)

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I think the album is pretty much flawless . All catchy choruses with heavy and cleans where they need to be. Production value is top notch to me compared to some of the earlier releases. I don't get a boring vibe as I tend to get with releases such as Like Moths To Flames where there is a definite monotonous formula . TAA works for me. Hope someone else feels the same

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If this still excites people that have liked Amity for years then fuck me... You're boring... What can I say?

not sure what you can say to be honest, but I can agree they can be boring, but I can say I won't label people because they like them. 



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iTunes added!


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Joel tweeted today that the title track was like Never Alone part 2 and that he hated Never Alone. So.. 

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ayyyy my dooods. 

Love it.

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1. I Bring The Weather With Me: 5/5

2. This Could Be Heartbreak: 5/5

3. Nightmare: 5/5

4. Tearing Me Apart: 5/5

5. O.M.G.I.M.Y.: 3/5 (voicemail at the end transitions great into all fucked up)

6. All Fucked Up: 5/5

7. Fight My Regret: 5/5

8. Some Friends: 4/5

9. Wishbone: 5/5

10. Note to Self: 3/5 (this would be rated higher but the chorus kinda kills this one for me)

11. Blood in My Mouth: 5/5 (fuckin amazing closer)




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