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In Dying Arms - Boundaries (2012)

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Release - September 25th, 2012

Genre - Deathcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR 


1. Second Best (03:45)
2. Running out of Time (03:27)
3. The Core of My Existence (04:32)
4. Bathed in Salt (02:48)
5. Horizons (03:16)
6. Blind to the Truth (03:46)
7. My Rise and Fall (02:54)
8. Dominus (03:45)
9. GOREgous (03:42)
10. 11:11 (04:13)





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Other Releases by

throwback and a half. bring back bath salt core

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I remember when this first came out, had been on repeat for a long long time. 

Really a timeless classic.

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My god. This album and their self-titled brings back some memories. Too bad they broke up. :/

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Love this album.


Donald Duck core with clean vocals. Yep. My thing.

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