The Prodigy - Discography (1991-2018)

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Genre - Breakbeat Hardcore, Big Beat, Breakbeat, Techno

Country - United Kingdom

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (unless otherwise stated)


Release List:

Studio Albums

(1992) Experience

(2013, originally released in 1994) (More) Music for the Jilted Generation (remaster w/ a second disc of bonus tracks)

(1997) The Fat of the Land

(2004) Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

(2009) Invaders Must Die

(2015) The Day Is My Enemy (w/ bonus track "Rise of the Eagles")

(2018) No Tourists


(1991) What Evil Lurks (debut EP)

(1991) "Charly(Single) (original version w/ "Pandemonium" and "Your Love")

(1991) "Everybody in the Place" (Single) (w/ "Crazy Man", "G-Force" (Energy Flow)", and "Rip Up the Sound System")

(1993) "Wind It Up (Rewound)" (Single) (extended version w/ "We Are the Ruffest")

(1993) "One Love" (Single) (original versionw/ "Rhythm of Life" and original "Full Throttle")

(1994) "We Eat Rhythm" (Single) (Music For The Jilted Generation b-side)

(1995) "Poison" (Single) (w/ "Rat Poison" and "Scienide")

(1996) "Firestarter" (Single) (w/ instrumental and "Molotov Bitch")

(1996) "Breathe" (Single) (w/ "The Trick")

(1997) "Smack My Bitch Up" (Single) (w/ "No Man Army")

(2002) "Baby's Got a Temper" (Single) (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned "b-side")

(2004) "Girls" (Single) (w/ "More Girls" and "Under My Wheels")

(2004) "Hotride" (Single) (w/ "Who U Foolin")

(2009) Lost Beats (EP) (bonus tracks from Invaders Must Die)

(2015) The Night Is My Friend (EP) (w/ "AWOL (Strike One)")

Live Albums/Compilations

(2005) Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 (singles compilation w/ live extras)

(2011) World's on Fire (live album)





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Just now, thekingofdallas2 said:

The Fat of the Land (1997) isn't on the download list for me. Just me?


it is not just you. i seem to have messed up, should be there now

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All the respect and love in the world for Keith Flint. I was never a gigantic fan of The Prodigy but I can't question the fact that they were trailblazers, and the music world lost a true artist when he left us❤

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One of the first Electronic groups I ever heard in my youth. Thank you for posting this. RIP KEEF

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