Inclination - When Fear Turns to Confidence (EP) (2019)

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Release - March 12th, 2019

Genre - Hardcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR


1. When Fear Turns to Confidence (04:01)
2. Vagrant (02:53)
3. Uninhibited (02:53)
4. Into the Shadows (04:24)
5. Inclination (02:55)





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Well this came from NOWHERE and I did not expect the intro on this from them - great stuff and it shows they're experimenting. Overall this is much more melodic but still very heavy.


Guitarist is one of the dudes from K//L FYI (Isaac) - you can hear him in the final song. The production in this is stellar and everything is much better than it was on their first release.


Best song is the last song.

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there's also the drummer of WRISTMEETRAZOR and someone from EXPIRE. This band always slaps omfg.

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Pure Noise is really killing it with those recent signings, holy shit!

Also anyone know where I can find their first release (preferably free)?

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