Foals - Discography (2006-2019)

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Genre - Indie Rock, Math Rock, Dance-Punk

Country - UK

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (unless otherwise specified)


Release List:


Studio Albums

(2008) Antidotes (Super Deluxe) (unofficial. contains around 15 b-sides of varying quality from around this era. tracks 12-26.) [320~192 kbps]

(2010) Total Life Forever (Deluxe w/ b-sides "Wear & Tear" and "The Forked Road")

(2013) Holy Fire (Deluxe w/ b-side "Bluebird")

(2015) What Went Down

(2019) Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1



(2006) Try This On Your Piano (debut double-sided single)

(2008) Daytrotter Session (June 9, 2008) [128 kbps] 

(2010) Daytrotter Session (October 14, 2010) [128 kbps]

(2010) Metropolis Session (live EP) [V0 VBR]

(2013) CCTV Sessions (live EP) [256 kbps]

(2016) Rain / Daffodils (RSD 2016 exclusive, "Daffodils" is a Mark Ronson cover)


Live Albums/Compilations

(2010) Total Life Forever - Sketches (bonus disc for Total Life Forever)

(2012) Tapes (compilation of tracks the band enjoys)

(2013) Where There's Smoke - Loops, Sketches, Figures of Music (bonus disc for Holy Fire)

(2014) Live At The Royal Albert Hall





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Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1 added

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