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CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah - Czarface Meets Ghostface (2019)

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Release - February 15, 2019
Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Back at Ringside (1:56)
02. Face Off (3:18)
03. Iron Claw (3:27)
04. Czarrcade '87 (5:50)
05. Powers and Stuff (4:30)
06. Masked Superstars (1:52)
07. Morning Ritual (feat. Kendra Morris) (2:56)
08. Super Soldier Serum (4:12)
09. The King Heard Voices (feat. Kendra Morris) (2:09)
10. Listen to the Color (3:27)
11. Mongolian Beef (3:17)
12. (Post Credits Scene) (2:40)





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If this is the iTunes release then it's actually 256kbps and not 320, looking at the specs and this seems to be the case, they're just in 320 "containers"... thanks anyway but I'll wait for the FLACs.

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