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The Story So Far - Discography (2007-2018)

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Genre - Pop Punk, Acoustic Rock, Alternative Rock

Country - USA

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (unless otherwise stated)


Release List:

Studio Albums

(2011) Under Soil and Dirt

(2013) What You Don't See

(2015) The Story So Far

(2018) Proper Dose



(2007) 5 Songs (debut demo EP) (256 kbps, V2 VBR)

(2010) While You Were Sleeping (EP)

(2010) Split w/ Maker ("Brevity", "Mt. Diablo", "680 South")

(2011) "Unlisted Track" (jawbreaker cover)

(2011) "Fucked Up (5pm)" (single)

(2011) Split w/ Morgan Foster ("680 South" Acoustic, "Rally Cap" Acoustic)

(2013) Split w/ Stick To Your Guns ("Clairvoyant", "Loro (Pinback Cover)")

(2014) Songs Of (EP)





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Picked up some songs i haven't heard and replaced some crappy quality ones i had from years ago. Thanks for this!. i love these discographies you've been putting up!

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Thanks. Im an idiot and didnt know they had a 2018 album, the self titled is my favorite by far, captures the color indigo and being sad so well. 


Well time to check it out!

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