Slipknot - Discography (1996-2019)

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1 minute ago, Ashtiel said:


go into more detail, if you can? i checked the download and it extracted just fine.

The same thing a bunch of people here commented is happening to me, but just on Mac instead of mobile. I tried a bunch of different things, but anyway, after extraction, it doesn't put the files anywhere. No folder, just deleted upon extraction, very odd. I found the album + tracks elsewhere, but yeah. Extracting does nothing at all on Mac for that particular album file :/

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I just downloaded the file on my Mac with no issues. If the file is being downloaded with the . in front, the Mac will automatically name the resulting file as a hidden file. If you press command+shift+. (period) at the same time with Finder selected, you will temporarily show all hidden files. Worth a shot to see if it works. If not, let me know and I'll try to recompress it on my machine, and upload it to a zippy share for you. 

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just reuploaded with the . removed from the file name  @Venomborn, try it now. if that doesn't work then ill mess with it later 

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If anyone is interested in a cover more fitting for .5, I decided to make it more fitting for the GRAY chapter. GrayChapter_Cover.thumb.jpg.21b6f7e7f561ba8cf8bb6ae4bbed7c63.jpg

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