The Antarctica Project - Transmute (Instrumental Edition) (2019)

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Release - January 5th, 2019
Genre - Progressive Metal, Djent
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Arche (Instrumental) (2:58)
02. Illuminate (Instrumental) (4:39)
03. Hohenheim (Instrumental) (4:25)
04. Timebreaker (Instrumental) (4:33)
05. Transmute (Instrumental) (4:19)
06. Okabe (Instrumental) (4:58)
07. Asymmetric Equilibrium (Instrumental) (3:07)
08. Adamant (Instrumental) (4:05)
09. Kiseijū (Instrumental) (4:38)





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I dont know how i missed this, holy shit<3

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this is top notch, nuff said fam

"If you thought you knew it all
Don’t shift your view, you might slip and fall
A long way down and down this rabbit hole
If the tunnel runs any deeper
You might come out the other side of the world
Maybe upside down you’ll be able see this isn’t what it seems
We are far from free."




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