MONO - Nowhere Now Here (2019)

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Release - January 25, 2018
Genre - Post-Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC



01. God Bless (1:44)
02. After You Comes the Flood (5:36)
03. Breathe (5:24)
04. Nowhere, Now Here (10:24)
05. Far and Further (5:41)
06. Sorrow (8:30)
07. Parting (4:25)
08. Meet Us Where the Night Ends (9:05)
09. Funeral Song (3:21)
10. Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe (6:14)


Total length: 01:00:24





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They used to be one of my favorite post-rock bands -- I absolutely adore Hymn to the Immortal Wind -- but the last 2 (technically 3) releases haven't done it for me. 


Which is weird, because I don't mind the darker, almost black metal vibe they went for. Like just how could you not like something like this? 


(Headphone / Loud as fuck warning)


But none of it stuck, it was all too samey for me. 


The fact that they refuse to stick to one style is encouraging as well as this single, so I'm cautiously excited. 

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FLAC added!

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#3 of 2019 • TEN FÉ // FUTURE PERFECT, PRESENT TENSE • Indie Rock

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Great album, weird that they only released one single with the vocalist, that song somehow ended up being one of the least memorable too.

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let me in.



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la verdad nunca había escuchado ha esta banda y la verdad me agrado mucho

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