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A Boogie wit da Hoodie - Hoodie SZN (2018)

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Release - December 21, 2018
Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Voices In My Head (2:22)
02. Beasty (2:32)
03. I Did It (3:35)
04. Swervin (feat. 6Ix9ine) (3:08)
05. Startender (feat. Offset and Tyga) (3:12)
06. Demons and Angels (feat. Juice WRLD) (3:34)
07. Love Drugs and Sex (2:37)
08. Skeezers (3:18)
09. Savage (2:49)
10. Come Closer (feat. Queen Naija) (2:36)
11. Look Back at It (2:59)
12. Just Like Me (feat. Young Thug) (3:40)
13. Bosses and Workers (feat. Don Q and Trap Manny) (3:27)
14. Need a Best Friend (feat. Lil Quee and Quando Rondo) (3:24)
15. The Reaper (2:56)
16. Uptown / Bustdown (feat. PnB Rock and Lil Durk) (2:57)
17. Billie Jean (2:18)
18. 4 Min Convo (Favorite Song) (4:17)
19. Odee (2:40)
20. Pull Up (feat. NAV) (3:13)





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#3 of 2019 • TEN FÉ // FUTURE PERFECT, PRESENT TENSE • Indie Rock

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2018 was both the Year Of The Short Album and also the Year Of The Too Fucking Long Album. Here's another of the latter. Do y'all think it's either record labels trying to rack up that streaming money with extra songs or that so many rappers just have absolutely no self-awareness? Cause like, with ones like Migos, I feel like it's no self-awareness. For like Drake, I'd bet it's money 4 tha label.


Either way, holy fuck, if y'all really want the extra streaming money, let me break this shit down: now let's just say for this example that 1 stream = $1. Now of course that's not true, but that's just the example because I can't do math for fuckshit. Anyways, so an album like Scorpion with 25 songs on it, people listen on the first night, they get through the whole album and that's $25 for a full album listen. But an album that long just generally is too long to hold attention and be worth relisting to.


However, let's say you have a fucking fantastic album like Noname's Room25, which for this example we'll just round down and say it's a 10 song album (it's 11, but again, just example because Me Poobrain). Listen on release night, it's digestible and each full run is $10. Now Scorpion is too long, ain't nobody listened to that shit twice on release night. Room25 tho? I listened three times. So night one alone that made $30 off of the average listener because not only was there no filler, but it was enjoyable enough to warrant three listens. That's already beating out Scorpion's $25 first listen. Now maybe you'll listen to Scorpion a few times or a few standout tracks at a time after that. You're still not making much more money off of those extra filler tracks, whereas Room25 is so brilliant and so palatable that it's on repeat for the next several months.


More money, better music, better artistry.

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I listened to Scorpion twice on release night. 


Tbf I'm a Drake Stan 

And the album could have been nothing but Aubrey farting on a snare drum for 25 tracks and I'd have still spun it twice


I get what you're saying though. Nobody wants the amount of Migos that Migos think that we want. 

Rap and hip hop records should hover around 10 tracks. It's always been a genre full of filler

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