Immoralist - Unholy (2016)

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Release - July 22, 2016

Genre - Downtempo Deathcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Hell On Earth
2. Unholy (feat. Alex Teyen of Black Tongue)
3. Nails [iII]
4. Upon His Horns (feat. Adam De Micco of Lorna Shore)
5. Deathwish
6. Open Casket
7. Severed Tongues (feat. Tyler Shelton of Traitors)
8. World Cleaver
9. Fuck It Up
10. Slumlord
11. Marked Ones (feat. Alex Terrible of Slaughter To Prevail)
12. Closed Casket
13. Rotten Teeth
14. Zero Absolution (feat. Adam Warren of Oceano)
15. Anthology




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Finally. This'll wake me up. Thanks.

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Forget about the old WAT era Immoralist, this is ten times heavier and better. Holy fuck.

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This is so fuckin good. All that's needed now is Jason Richardson. :)


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This is so fantastic, in every way.

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