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Death Ray Vision - Negative Mental Attitude (2018)

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Release - November 2,3 2018
Genre - Hardcore, Thrash Metal, Crossover
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. We're Done with You
2. Murica
3. This Disaster
4. Just Let It Die
5. The Angels Screamed
6. The Whiskey Knows
7. Hollow Lives Dig Their Own Graves
8. Enlightened
9. Captain Blackout
10. Negative Mental Attitude
11. This Journey Is Your Tomb
12. Wage War on Something
13. Dead But Inspired





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Sounds like Mike got influenced by their tour with Havoc. I like it.



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Holy shit this is good. Will miss Brian for sure, but Jeff is damn good vocalist. They went a little bit of a different way than the past two releases, but still stick to their roots. I love it!

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