Internal Conflict - Nothing is Lost (EP) (2018)

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Release - November 4th, 2018
Genre - Metalcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR

**Purchased by Smash_Adams**



 01. Nothing is Lost (1:14)
02. Catharsis (5:21)
03. For The Crows (5:20)
04. Your Bones Will Fail (4:00)
05. Nothing is Past (2:45)


Total length: 18:42





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Didn't know what to expect since I never heard of theses guys but it's a solid release.  Catharsis kicks. 

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One of those bands that somehow slips through the cracks. Great band. Their last album (i think deprivation, or maybe deprivation is just the last track) had several bangers especially in the latter half. lessons and deprivation are tight. 
this one's a bit different, more metalcore, less hardcore, with core cleans, but its still good for what it is. 

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production on guitars and drums is pretty terrible imo, but some really good riffs on here. metalcore doesn't rlly make 'em like this too much anymore. peeps should check this. 

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