Frak The Gods

For A Life Unburdened - Contempt/Clarity (2018)

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Release - August 3rd, 2018
Genre - Metalcore
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



01. Contempt (1:18)
02. Adamantium (3:31)
03. Run Away (3:01)
04. Who You Think I Am (4:00)
05. Face in Hell (3:26)
06. Wrong (3:31)
07. Split (3:37)
08. The Blind King (3:51)
09. Waiting for Us to Die (3:36)
10. Not Forever (3:33)
11. Clarity (4:16)





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okay first of all this video took me by surprise, halfway through when they were making the right guys life look awesome I was internally rolling my eyes thinking what any sane person would think... then the video flips it on me and I was presently surprised.  okay generic metalcore video you win, I should have waited until the end pass judgement. and the harsh vocalist did not stare at the camera flailing his arms around I really appreciated that


aside from the balanced video, I liked the music itself

well produced, didn't linger and had a nice vibe.   both vocalists or good cleans are above average.  no cringy lyrics.  guitars were fun. definitely worth checking the album out for me. 


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no comments, wtf


this album is great.  nothing groundbreaking but enough experimentation that it throws me off guard occasionally.  a metalcore band that can have fun with their music.  thanks @Frak The Gods  for putting me on to these guys.  just what I've been looking for the last few months

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