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The Veer Union - Decade III: Demos & Rarities (2018)

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Release - August 30, 2018
Genre - Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Sunrise (Demo)
2. Seasons (Demo)
3. Awaken (Demo)
4. Last Regret (Demo)
5. Save Yourself (Demo)
6. Make Believe (Demo)
7. The Unwanted (Demo)
8. I Said (Demo)
9. Endless Conversation (Demo)
10. I Don't Care (Demo)
11. Through You (Rarity)
12. Thoughts Impure (Rarity)
13. Fading Fortress (Rarity)
14. Fate (Rarity)
15. Breathing in (Rarity)
16. Open Arms (Rarity)
17. Not This Time (Rarity)
18. Sometimes (Rarity)
19. Wait for Me (Rarity)
20. Colour Blind (Rarity)





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Sweet it's here it finally out. I wonder what this will be like. Confused about something though. What happened to that guy from the band who left to become a solo vocalist but also featured in one of their cover singles(Epic) the guy Amalien. Isn't he supposed to be doing stuff and releasing something soon. He was talking to me about it for a little bit after he split from the band like almost a year ago.... Said he'd have singles out too. Did he end up rejoining them or something? And these are songs(majority?) That didn't make albums?? Or songs they recorded after the fact?

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Decade II Rock & Acoustic is due to drop in the next 25 mins here!:D

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