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Johnny Foreigner - Mono No Aware (Japanese Bonus Track Edition) (2016)

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Release - July 8, 2016

Genre - Indie Rock, Punk Rock

Quality - MP3, VBR V0



1. Mounts Everest (2:00)
2. Undevastator (3:09)
3. I Can Show You The Way To Grand Central (3:35)
4. The X And The O (2:42)
5. Don't, Just Don't (3:15)
6. Our Lifestyles Incandescent (4:22)
7. The Worst Of Us (2:49)
8. Into The Veldt (3:15)
9. If You Can't Be Honest, Be Awesome (4:08)
10. Cliffjumper (3:20)
11. Decants The Atlantic (2:08)
12. A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Japan Bonus Track) (2:30)
13. All Yr Favourite Bands Are Dead (Japan Bonus Track) (3:51)
14. Flooding (Japan Bonus Track) (3:56)







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  Edited by HyperDose
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