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Abandoned By Bears "Headstorm" details

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Swedish Easycore band Abandoned by Bears is set to release their sophomore album "Headstorm" on August 24th through Victory Records. Their first single Headstorm is to come out June 21st.


You can preorder the album here: Preorder





1. So Far Gone    
2. Headstorm    
3. Strangers    
4. Borderline    
5. Blurry Vision    
6. Stepping Stones    
7. Fervor    
8. Drowned Out    
9. Outrun Reality    
10. Held Against You    
11. Greyscale

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I'm not really an easycore fan, but for some reason I dig these guys. Looking forward to it. 

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At first, i was hyped for their last album, but only after a couple of listens, i lost interest. Curious to know what they will do on the next album, they're a good band with great potential.

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