Crossfaith to release new album "Deus Ex Machina" this Summer

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Everyone's favorite Japanese Metalcore band, Crossfaith, will be releasing their first full length since 2015's "Xeno", and first new material since the Deluxe Edition of their "Wipeout EP" from this past January. The new album is titled "Deus Ex Machina" and will be released on August 3rd.


Lead single out next month along with preorders.





1. Deus Ex Machina 
2. Catastrophe 
3. The Perfect Nightmare 
4. Destroy 
5. Freedom 
6. Make a Move 
7. Lost in You 
8. Wipeout 
9. Milestone 
10. Eden in the Rain 
11. Twin Shadows
12. Daybreak
13. Faint

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Thats one Japanese cover right there, can't wait for this though hope theres song like diavolos on it 

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Am hyped, hope i see something like vermillion gold on it.

New song "Glass Crown" out now!


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Crossfaith has my vote for favorite variant of metalcore, and are just on the cusp of being my favorite band, so this is the best fucking news I've had all year. I see both Freedom and Wipeout on the album, kinda sucks cuz we've had those songs out with their own respective EPs, but 11 new tracks is still great news! Last full album release was a bit softer, and after some experiemental EPs, I'm hoping they reel us back in for another heavy release.

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Freedom is a great song but they have a lot of songs that are just decent. Also, I assume they're now doing that thing that a lot of japanese bands do where they release a "maxi-single" where the lead song is basically the one that had the most effort put into it (Freedom for example) and then the other 1-3 songs are just decent or even mediocre. So anyways, I'm glad only Wipeout and Freedom made it as they were the "lead singles" and I hope the rest of the album is pretty nice as well as they've been rather boring me lately, except for a hit or two.

let me in.



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Shut up and take my money

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