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Bullets & Octane - Waking Up Dead (2018)

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Release - May 25, 2018
Genre - Hard Rock, Alternative Rock
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Bad Mother Fucker
2. Waking up Dead
3. When We Were Young
4. Burning at Both Wicks
5. Fires
6. Fuck You Song
7. Murder Me Baby
8. Rolling Stone
9. Hostage
10. Heart Attack





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HAHA Bullets and Octane. These dudes kept somehow being the opening band at metal shows I went to in like 2008-2009. Every single time the frontman would take his shirt off and pour bottled water on his nipples. It was... something.


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holy fucking shit, I didn't even know this was coming out. I love this band, I can't wait to hear it. I've been waiting a long time for a new bullets and octane album

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