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What Are Your Top 5 Most Underrated Albums?

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Hello KL Community, acquaintances and pals. Friends and Frenemies. Babes and Bros.


This thread clearly has one goal in mind, to know the communities Top 5 Underrated albums. It can be anything ranging from a widely known album that is looked at badly or a hidden gem in a musical abyss, filled to the brim with albums, ep's, live albums, and what not of the sort.


My Personal Top 5 List goes as shown.


5. Vital Signs - Smoke and Mirrors

Full EP Youtube Stream

So why this? Well it has 12,000 views. Nobody i know personally knows who these guys are. And its a shame in my eyes! If you are a sucker for post-hardcore with catchy high pitched cleans, this is for you. Many good riffs and drum fills as well. It's actually better than most post-hardcore i see.


Recommended Tracks: 'Dear Death' and 'Sound of the End'.


4. Synesthesics - Extreme G Revised

Bandcamp Stream/Buy Link

For any fans of drum & bass music or just electronic music for video games, look no further. This album is a remixed and remastered soundtrack of an old Nintendo 64 game called "Extreme G" i loved the soundtrack on that game. And damn is it nice to see this. Fantastic work here. You'll have these beats stuck in your head all day if this is your style. I know i do.

Only 6 supporters on their Bandcamp! Madness!


Recommended Tracks:  'XG Menu Theme' and 'XG Race Track 6'.


3. Shaded Enmity - Forsaken and Forgotten

Full Album Youtube Stream

Now this one, i don't see many of you liking. This is melodic death metal, with extremely solid instrumentation. What sounds bad about that? The vocals. Most people wont like them. The highs are what some call 'Donald Duck' vocals. I get it. But i actually like them. This video their most popular one, has a little over 100K views. But i never see anyone talking about them, so to me i think they're extremely underrated. Good lyrics, amazing guitar work, punchy drums, decent vocals (although to some off-putting). Give this a try if you can at least kinda put up with 'The Holy Guile' style vocals.

Recommended Tracks: 'Sadness In Summer Rain',  '...And Life Was Great', and 'This Is Federal'.


2. Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal

Full Album Youtube Stream

Bolt Thrower is an old school death metal band. However this was their last effort before disbanding just a little over a year and a half ago. Released in 2005, this album is actually decently well known in the death metal community. This is the most well known album on my personal list... but i think more people should know about it. First thing about this is there are NO blast beats on this record. Nowadays it's kinda hard to find death metal with no blast beats. So it's already a rarity in that. This album has great vocals, extremely catchy riffs, and poetic lyrics about World War I. This album is a monster, a tank that cannot be stopped. Highly recommend to any fan of Death Metal.

Recommended Tracks: 'The Killchain', 'Granite Wall', 'At First Light', and 'Last Stand of Humanity'.


1. Artillery - When Death Comes

Full Album Youtube Stream

Guys. Where. Is. The. Support. For. These. Geniuses.

I mean it. These guys are one of the best modern heavy/thrash metal acts we have, yet they're more of an underground band. Catchy lyrical passages, tasty tasty riffs, technical fast drum fills. This is true heavy metal from the ground up. If you enjoy thrash metal or heavy metal as a whole. You will probably enjoy this, as i don't find much wrong with this personally or others I've shown them too.

Recommended Tracks: '10,000 Devils', 'Upon My Cross I Crawl', and 'The End'.


What are your personal Top 5 Underrated Albums? Make it known!

Please move this if this is in the incorrect section, admins. If there are any issues, lemme know and i will fix what i can.<3



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I'd just like to say one which is Captors by Wolves at the Gate, flawless metalcore record and not many people would have even heard of the band. 

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