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Living Machines - I: After Onyx (2018)

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Release - January 12, 2018 

Genre - Metalcore, Hardcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. A Withering Ghost (00:46)
2. The Great Collision (04:52)
3. General Gearheart (00:24)
4. The Aluna War (03:57)
5. Elder Encounter (00:36)
6. The Valkyrie (04:39)
7. The Halo (04:41)
8. Research Log 638 (00:53)
9. Living Machines (04:35)
10. To Rise from Ashes (04:01)
11. A Lance... (00:41)
Total length: 30:05





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First single was a bit MEH, vocalist is great but clean singer isnt and ruins almost every song. 

Nothing new or worth noting under the sun, just another "core" breakdown-y band. Move on.


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For me, the growls were weak and the clean singing was better. But yes, it's a bit too standart. But i like the concept of the album. It needs some more "details" but its an "alright" beginning

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This is a really interesting project, I can't wait to read the related comic.

Some wounds never heal.

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The Album Artist Tag is messed up. "Artist Name: Living Machines"




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It's just like Saviour with lots of breakdowns. Not bad, but nothing new at all. Some people might dig it. Instrumentation is sick though.

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