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This Wild Life - Clouded (Atmosphere Edition) (2015)

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Released: 6.5.15

Genre: Acoustic, Pop Punk

Quality: MP3, 320 kbps CBR; FLAC



1. Concrete

2. Over It

3. No More Bad Days

4. History

5. Roots and Branches (Meant to Be Alone)

6. Bound To Break 

7. Better With You

8. Looking Back

9. Don't Say

10. 405

11. Stay Up Late 

12. It's Alright

13. Alone With Me

14. Sleepwalking (Live Session)

15. Concrete (Live Session)

16. Roots and Branches Live Session)





  boldzmj.png R3asM1U.png NRrcZn7.gif

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there is no mp3???


This was posted back in March... These links generally don't stay up that long.


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awts... sir can you give a link for this album...... :(  :(  :(

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