Impureza - La Caida de Tonatiuh (2017)

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Release - November 10, 2017

Genre - Technical Death Metal

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR



1. Lamentos De Un Condenado (03:03)
2. Sangre Para Los Dioses (06:17)
3. Otumba, 1520 (05:25)
4. El Dorado (00:55)
5. Abre-Aguas (En La Tormenta De Tlaloc) (05:11)
6. Leyenda Negra (04:58)
7. Corazón Al Cielo (Homenaje a Paco De Lucía) (01:29)
8. Camino Hacia Mictlán (03:48)
9. El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados (05:04)
10. Ultimo Día Del Omeyocán (04:19)
11. La Caída De Tonatiuh (05:58)
12. La Llegada De Los Teules (03:43)


Total length: 50:10





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Ya'll sleeping on this one. Best technical death metal album of the year. The flamenco influence in this album is just amazing. Plus they are not even spanish or mexican (if you are the kind of people who likes to judge an album by it's cover), they are french which makes it more interesting. 

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That album is really good, and flamenco parts are pretty good. I downloaded the album when it arrived on this website, listened to it and kinda forgot about it. But I had like 3 tracks from it today on my Spotify playlist which reminded me of it, and it still rocks hard

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