Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (2017)

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Release - October 20, 2017

Genre - Melodic Metalcore, Thrash Metal

Quality - MP3, VBR V0; MP3, 320 kbps CBR; FLAC



1. The Sin and the Sentence (05:49)
2. Beyond Oblivion (05:16)
3. Other Worlds (04:49)
4. The Heart from Your Hate (04:03)
5. Betrayer (05:27)
6. The Wretchedness Inside (05:31)
7. Endless Night (03:38)
8. Sever the Hand (05:25)
9. Beauty in the Sorrow (04:31)
10. The Revanchist (07:17)
11. Thrown into the Fire (05:29)

12. Pillars Of Serpents (Japanese Bonus Track) (05:03) *320/iTunes*


Total length (without bonus track): 57:15





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Bonus track added!

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This albums is absolutely spectacular. Despite the direct of the last few albums after Shogun, Trivium have remained and incredibly good and consistent band. The Sin and the Sentence is a culmination of all their past works thrown into one incredibly fucking heavy and masterfully crafted album. I couldn’t be more impressed with these guys, I’m blown away. 

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1 hour ago, DisturbedOne said:

This is great stuff, but Silence In the Snow is still my favorite :)

It's ok to disagree, and I do.

Silence in the snow is the only album I didn't like at all. No heaviness (and I'm not talking about the lack of screaming, I'm talking about the equalization as a whole.


My personal favorite is Vengeance Falls, can't understand how most people dislike it. The sound of the guitars on it is simply perfect to me.


This one's badass. I think I've never been more hyped and looking forward to an album as I was for this one. My only complaint (not a big one though) is that the drums are a bit louder than the rest, not that it bothers me too much.

And I would have equalized the guitars a bit differently, but that's my personal taste. The album kills it, as others have said, it combines all of the previous albums in one.


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