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Oscar and the Wolf - Infinity (2017)

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iTunes Artwork for 'Infinity (by Oscar and the Wolf)'

Release - September 29, 2017

Genre - Indie Pop

Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR



1. So Real (04:39)
2. Exotic (03:56)
3. Susato (04:37)
4. Pretty Infiniti (03:50)
5. Touch Down (03:45)
6. Queen (04:13)
7. Honey (04:01)
8. Runaway (04:17)
9. Last Night (04:16)
10. Breathing (03:50)
11. Chevrolet (04:26)
12. Fever (03:59)


Total length: 49:49





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Know this guys for a long time now! If you like it be sure to check their debut album 'Entity' with biggest songs Strange Entity, Princes, Joaquim! And there great single 'The Game'. 

They are live even better than on the album! 


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