Kingdom Leaks Feature Plan

Keep up to date with what we have planned for Kingdom Leaks going forward.
  1. We want to bring back the awards system to give recognition for community involvement. This will take the form of system trophies (i.e. for certain amount of posts/reputation) and medals (awarded manually by Staff).

  2. Add some more fine-looking, memin' emojis to Kingdom Leaks, for the chat and for posts. :cowboy:

  3. Code a Feature Plan for the purpose of letting the community know what we have in store for Kingdom Leaks.

  4. Implement a 2FA system in order to secure accounts from hackers.

  5. Restyle Kingdom Leaks for a fresh, new, aesthetically-pleasing theme.

  6. A much needed back-to-top button.

  7. Remove any mixed content warnings by implementing an image proxy to serve HTTP images over HTTPS.

  8. Reboot our social media sites with auto-posting via RSS.

  9. There have been many calls to bring back the three column layout of the homepage as it was in the older version of our software. However, the new version does not support three columns, so this will have to be manually coded in.

  10. This will come with the three column layout improvement.

  11. Include more information about the user in the profile pane that shows up on posts and on profile pages.

  12. Improve site performance by lazy loading (aka NOT preloading) videos.

  13. Encourage members to come back to the site by sending out emails periodically and automatically removing unused accounts.

  14. Revamp the application process via a form with details info on expectations of Staff, etc.

  15. Re-release our Artwork Finder to the public and with a KL style.

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