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  1. Past hour
  2. boring sound, boring lyrics, boring everything.. after caliban the second death of a good german band
  3. This is what the new Linkin Park Album should have sounded like. (more-so)
  4. Today
  5. I've been waiting patiently for this. Can't wait to jam it, thanks!
  6. Love the fact they can play mainstream pop-punk and yet fool around with some breakdowns here and then. It's a solid pop-punk album. Not sure why some people find funny the tag "Christian"
  7. Yesterday
  8. idk too much singing. I only say that because he struggles live hitting these notes. They use to be a sold live band expect for bass player trying to sing
  9. When I'm not listening to music on Spotify, my music app of choice on android is Phonograph. Its material design is very appealing and I'm pretty sure it has a built-in equalizer with some presets. On my old android phone, I had some issues with album tracks not appearing in the correct order, and so I used the app Blackplayer, which allows some more customization of the order, track names, etc. (and the interface is pretty nice too).
  10. These guys are pretty different from AILD lol. A few thrashy parts from MMI here and there sure, but other than that nahh
  11. What are these bonus tracks, what?
  12. Single is really good, hope the rest hold up.
  13. Lame album, lame excuse for a deluxe album. However, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you guys. Bands do this a lot. Of course it's a cash grab.
  14. Love it. Is there a flac? Thank you
  15. Release - May 26th, 2017 Genre - Pop Punk Quality - MP3, 320Kbps CBR Tracklist: 2. Paradise Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
  16. Release - May 26th, 2017 Genre - German Hip-Hop Quality - MP3, 320Kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Roswell (02:18) 2. Aliens (feat. Teutilla) (03:42) 3. Scotty beam mich hoch (04:08) 4. El Presidente (03:43) 5. Das Geld muss weg (03:31) 6. Tauchstation (03:42) 7. Blue Marlin (04:38) 8. Cadillac (03:30) 9. Links (04:18) 10. Große Brüder (03:56) 11. Skyline mit zwei Türmen (03:25) 12. Elfenbein (feat. Yasha & Miss Platnum) (04:18) Download Support! Facebook | iTunes
  17. This sounds gooooooooddd
  18. Looking forward to listening to this, he just released We Move in September so it's a little odd that he's already pushing out another full length, but I'm not complaining
  19. the cover. . . . . . is that a JOJO REFERENCE?!?!
  20. 320 & FLAC added!
  21. hey, I like this
  22. A diabolic fetus? I'm down to hear this. It's good though.
  23. Release - 5/26/17 Genre - R&B/Soul | Hip-Hop/Rap Quality - MP3, 320 Kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Rain On Me (Intro) (02:25) 2. No Longer Friends (02:14) 3. Don't Get Too High (03:29) 4. Blowing Smoke (03:00) 5. We Both Know (02:40) 6. You Got It (02:56) 7. In Check (03:18) 8. Self-Made (02:47) 9. Run Me Dry (02:49) 10. High Stakes (03:02) 11. Rain Interlude (00:46) 12. Teach Me a Lesson (03:27) 13. Stay Blessed (04:06) 14. Money Problems / Benz Truck (04:59) 15. Set It Off (03:37) 16. Nevermind This Interlude (02:14) 17. Before You Judge (04:46) 18. Somethin Tells Me (03:14) 19. Always (Outro) (02:30) Total length: 58:19 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  24. There's a clip on their Instagram from recording a very ska-ish sounding "Liftoff" and it sounds like the perfect summer song
  25. Everything he has dropped since getting out of jail has been fire
  26. My mind is open and i think this album sucks. I'm very diverse when it comes to music. I listen to everything that i think sounds good in my opinion
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