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  1. Past hour
  2. Love the "Division" and "Feeding the Wolves" vibes from both the first single and this one. Should be a pretty solid album if the rest of it sounds like this!
  3. Leaked Release - September 22, 2017 Genre - Electronic Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR; FLAC *Thanks for sharing @Cutliesthroat* Tracklist: 1. Intro of Anarchy (01:27) 2. F*** Your World (02:19) 3. Education (02:30) 4. PRDCTN (02:50) 5. Zeit (03:09) Total length: 12:15 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  4. People scared of crowdkilling going to beatdown shows. Lol What a meme.
  5. Today
  6. I always need my Manson fix around this time of the year, thanks for 320.
  7. Yeah kinda, it's those fiery verses and well used synths that sold me on CLW.
  8. Goddamn KL, now i'm tempted to hear this, well i'll wait til friday, this is one of the most anticipated albuns to me, thanks in advance for posting it.
  9. wow really liked, the vocals flow so well
  10. Might not be the most technical rapper, or even have the best lyrics, but there's something about all of Hopsin's music that I love. Can't wait for the next album.
  11. Australia +singer reminded me to Chris Barreto= can't go wrong
  12. You can listen on your phone. You just press download and it takes you to the video player where it just plays the songs.
  13. Can't no fricken wait!!
  14. LKA4LYFE This might be my favorite album from them. I mean, it's par for the course as far as ABR goes but this is a really good album. Lots of tasty riffs, as expected.
  15. Release - September 18, 2017 Genre - Blackened Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Idle Hands (00:55) 2. Dust (01:11) 3. Shrines (02:07) 4. Heavy Chains (01:30) 5. Kingdom Crusher (01:33) Total length: 07:16 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
  16. Now updated to separate confirmed tracks into a preliminary tracklist, and then pending tracks.
  17. I know the guys are already out there by now but I hope this is going to be their breakthrough into the mainstream; it is absolute radio material while still keeping that classic Shikari sound. Really impressed by this so far and it will surely grow on me to become one of my favourite from this year.
  18. Finally got around to this. A+ album for sure.
  19. Great band, not even an acoustic fan really but they crush it.
  20. 320 floating around yet?
  21. Good song. Catchy, as always but nothing special to me. It sounds exactly like "Haven't been myself". Is it a song for a deluxe edition version of the album?!
  22. fuuuuuck YES
  23. Very nice
  24. check out Mars Argo
  25. Let me know when the second half of the explicit version is up
  26. To each there own. Pretty much EVERY red single ever has been better than this song in my opinion. Even release the panic (song) was dope. This song is exactly how i feel about the new 10 years stuff. After the last album being so good I have huge expectations. I dont think the songs are horrible. They just sound more stock and like any other typical rock band.
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